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Have you got a leather sofa at home? It’s luxurious. Isn’t it? But it gets weary over time. You can always slow this wear and tear on your sofa. But how?

Sofa cleaning can prolong your sofa’s age and improve its overall look.

Leather material is like skin; it is permeable. It needs maintenance along with time. You should clean your leather sofa with a dry cloth and use leather cream once a month to keep it clean and soft. 

Our professional cleaners clean the sofas and other furniture items Cleanly using a special procedure. 

Let’s take you through it!


Here are the things you’ll need for cleaning leather sofas.

  • Soft cloth
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Leather cream
  • Cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol


The first step involves cleaning the stains. Soak the towel/ soft cloth in warm soap water and wipe off the spots. If there are any ink stains, use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and remove them. Do not rub this swab over the surface to avoid the spread of the stain to the larger area.


Now, dry the sofa’s leather cover using a dry cloth. Leave the sofa surface overnight to dry it completely.


Using a cloth, apply a leather cream and wet the surface. Allow it to rest before using any leather shine. 

And here you go! It’s clean and tidy!


Here are a few prominent benefits of sofa cleaning.

Extend Sofa Life

Even if you clean your sofas daily, the dirt and debris of months cause them to look dull. Observe how your sofas look now versus how they looked when they were newer.

Do you want to make your dull-looking sofas new? Cleanly is there to help you!

And this is only one of the benefits of clean sofas.

In addition to deep cleaning, they will sanitize and freshen up your sofas to avoid allergy-causing bacteria and fungi.

Get Rid Of Stains

We know how hard it becomes when children spill something on the sofa. The stain does not go away with regular cleaning

Also, you clean up the stain, but it returns as a patch after a few days.

That’s irritating, right? 

Additionally, if you use randomly selected cleaning products for your sofas, they can discolor your sofa’s surface. And few also change the texture of the leather.

So, it is recommended that you clean up the runny mess with a clean towel and then call the professional team for deep cleaning.

Maintain A Healthier Environment

Allergens, bacteria, and fungi make your sofa look dull and contaminate indoor air quality. 

The ones who have breathing problems are affected the most.

So, respiratory problems can get nasty and can cause allergies in people.

Professional sofa cleaning helps in the elimination of allergens and bacteria.

Remove Odors

If you have children and pets at home, you might experience pet mishaps and spills. Even if you clean your sofa correctly, the odor remains. 

If you consult a professional cleaning service provider, they will help you eliminate it. They have specialized sanitizers and products that are specifically for different types of sofa surfaces. 

So, this is another benefit of getting your sofa cleaned by professionals.


If you reside in Dubai and have sofas at home or your office. You need cleaning services from time to time. This is where Cleanly comes in!

They offer various services, from regular to deep cleaning sofas and mattresses.

The services are modified according to your cleaning needs and preferred timings. 

Also, it is super convenient to book a slot with them. 

Drop a message and discuss your specific needs now!


This article discusses the step-by-step process of professional sofa cleaning. This is just an overview of what our professional cleaners can offer. Additionally, the benefits of cleaned sofas have been discussed.

So, to extend your sofa life, get rid of stains, remove odors, and overall look of your space, and maintain a healthy environment, you need professional sofa cleaning services.

Cleanly is a trusted sofa and furniture cleaning service provider across Dubai. 

So, don’t wait anymore, and get your sofas cleaned today!

Any Sofa cleaning services near me?

If you’re in Dubai, Cleanly offers the best service in town.

Can I clean my sofa at home?

You can only regularly clean your sofa because you don’t have all the cleaning products required to clean sofas professionally at home.

Suggest a cheap Sofa cleaning in Dubai?

Call and convey your sofa cleaning needs to Cleanly, they can offer you the best package with best service!

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