Price Comparison For Cheapest Cleaning Services Near Me

cheapest cleaning services near me
Cheapest Cleaning Services Near me

Every industry has grown massively in Dubai in the past few years. Dubai has not left a single loophole behind, from world-famous buildings to industry development. Due to the busy schedules of individuals, daily cleaning can be a mess. That is why many of the cleaning companies developed in that place and served their customers there. With its gleaming skyscrapers and bustling lifestyle, Dubai demands top-notch cleaning services to maintain its pristine image. If a person is living in Dubai and searching for “cleaning services near me,” what results can he/she get as the best options?

In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the leading cleaning companies in Dubai, comparing their services and rates. 

The Best “Cleaning Services Near Me” Options In Dubai

If you look into the market, you will undoubtedly get hundreds of options from the best cleaning company. But always judge a company depending on your requirements and expectations. Let’s explore the options for the cheapest cleaning services near me.

Cleanly: Setting the Standard

Cleanly has established a niche for itself with its comprehensive cleaning solutions. They offer customised services to meet the requirements, from residential to commercial spaces. Their professional staff is well-trained and equipped with the latest cleaning technologies, offering a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Services Offered by Cleanly

Cleanly covers a wide array of cleaning services, including:

  • Residential Cleaning: From apartments to villas, Cleanly caters to the cleaning needs of homes and ensures a hygienic living space.
  • Commercial Cleaning: For businesses seeking a pristine work environment, Cleanly provides customised cleaning solutions for offices, retail spaces, and more.
  • Deep Cleaning: Beyond the surface, Cleanly is an expert in deep cleaning services, cleaning hidden dirt and grime for a genuinely spotless result.
  • Specialised Services: Cleanly goes the extra mile with specialised services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and post-construction cleaning.

Pricing Structure

Cleanly’s pricing is competitive, considering the quality of service provided. They offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees, allowing customers to choose packages that align with their budget and cleaning requirements. If you are a pro at negotiation, you can get an hourly rate of approximately 20 Dhs for their extraordinary cleaning services. Cleanly will charge you 20 DHS per hour for cleaning services in Dubai.

2. Sparkle Shine: Shining Bright in the Cleaning Arena

Sparkle Shine is another notable player in Dubai’s cleaning industry, known for its reliability and attention to detail.

Services Offered by Sparkle Shine

Maid Services: Sparkle Shine provides skilled maids for regular household cleaning, ensuring a consistent and reliable cleaning schedule.

Office Cleaning: Tailored for businesses, Sparkle Shine’s office cleaning services focus on creating a clean and productive work environment.

Event Cleaning: Sparkle Shine offers event cleaning services for special occasions, taking care of the post-event cleanup hassle.

Rate Comparison

While Sparkle Shine offers competitive rates, customers must consider the scope of services in each package. Comparing rates based on specific cleaning needs is crucial for an accurate assessment.

3. EcoClean: Green Cleaning Solutions

EcoClean stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly cleaning practices in a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Services

EcoClean uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices, minimising the use of harsh chemicals. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

Rates and Sustainability

While EcoClean’s rates may be slightly higher than those of some competitors, many customers find the added cost justified by the company’s dedication to sustainability. For those prioritising eco-friendly practices, EcoClean is a compelling option.

4. Quick Clean: Speedy and Efficient

For those seeking prompt and efficient cleaning services, Quick Clean lives up to its name, focusing on speed without compromising quality.

Express Services

Quick Clean offers express cleaning services for clients with tight schedules or last-minute cleaning needs. This can be particularly beneficial for busy professionals and businesses with time-sensitive requirements.

Affordability and Quality

While Quick Clean maintains competitive rates, customers appreciate the balance between affordability and service quality. The company’s commitment to efficiency makes it a popular choice for those with fast-paced lifestyles.

After searching for “cleaning services near me,” these are some of Dubai’s most prominent and best cleaning services that you can get on a cheap budget.


Dubai’s cleaning industry boasts several reputable companies, each with unique strengths. Cleanly, Sparkle Shine, EcoClean, and Quick Clean stand out as top contenders, catering to different preferences and priorities. When selecting a cleaning service, it’s crucial to assess individual needs, budget constraints, and the specific services offered by each company. Ultimately, the right choice depends on balancing quality and affordability, and aligning with personal or business values, whether eco-friendliness, speed, or comprehensive cleaning solutions.

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