Professional Sofa & Window Cleaning Services For Your Home & Offices in Dubai

Cleaning up your couch on your own can be challenging. Moreover, your sofa can get dirty for many reasons, especially if you have kids and pets. It can be their favorite spot to play around, relax, and eat food. So, your sofa can get stained with coffee, ink, food crumbs, sweat, and dust mites. 

Learn all the tips and tricks to revamp your sofa and window with Dubai’s best sofa & window cleaning services.

What You Should Know About Your Sofa & Window

1. Your Couch is More Dirtier Than the Toilet Seat

So, according to research made by Hygiene Council, your sofa contains more bacteria and germs than your toilet seat. Moreover, many people need to clean their couches too professionally. They do it only once after they buy it.

Well, start comparing your sofa to your clothes. Imagine you have never washed your clothes and wear them daily. How gross and nasty is it? Likewise, if your sofa never gets cleaned after you bought it, it is time to reconsider cleaning it by professionals.

Your sofa is dirtier than your toilet seat because it is a place where you relax and eat. Moreover, humans also shed dead skin cells, viruses, and sweat from our bodies which can stick to your couch. It can cause infection and sickness, so get engaged with expert sofa and window maintenance in Dubai.

2. Breathing Ground For Germs & Viruses

Your sofa and window can be a breathing ground for viruses and germs, which can cause further health issues. Years of not upholstering your sofa & window can give way to breathing more germs and other infectious viruses.

Germs and viruses can spread 20 times faster with the right temperature and humidity. Moreover, your window sills, frame and panels can be a dust mites spot, leading to allergies and other respiratory issues. 

Certain types of fabric need extra care when it comes to upholstering. So, hiring a well-experienced cleaning team to clean and sanitise it is better.

3. Growth of Harmful Mould

Do you know your sofa and window frames can be the perfect place to grow moulds?

Yes! Your sofa and window frame can absorb stains, sweat, viruses and bacteria efficiently, making it an easy place for dangerous moulds to grow due to dampness. So, what’s essential is always to clean them off frequently.

Moulds can create irritation, allergies and even cause health issues for you and your loved ones. 

Benefits of Hiring The Best Sofa & Window Cleaning in Dubai

Engaging with a professional team is a better option when it comes to upholstering your sofa and glass panels. You need to know what solutions to use for specific fabrics and how to clean them properly and more effectively using the products.

If you need help cleaning it, call the expert cleaning company because they know the advanced tools and equipment to clean off areas you cannot reach.

Here are some benefits to look into before you hire a specialized window & sofa maintenance. 

  • Well-trained team clean it more efficiently and effectively than washing it yourself.
  • Allowing a professional maintenance team saves more time and money.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitise your sofa and window panels and frames.
  • Clean off the food crumbs and challenging stains.
  • They wipe off the smell of odour.
  • Dust off any settled dust and grime from the window panels and frames. 
  • It improves indoor air quality as well as allows natural light to penetrate. 
  • Professionals use eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning options. 
  • They are more advanced with tools and equipment to use during cleaning.

Why Should You Opt For Well-Trained Cleaning Experts?

There are various positive things when it comes to hiring experts to do the job for you. There are:

  • Well-experienced in both window & sofa cleaning.
  • Provides an affordable cleaning budget that fits your needs.
  • Flexible scheduling options are available.
  • It uses all the cleaning solutions which are free from harmful chemicals. 

Well, we are a well-experienced cleaning company based in Dubai known for our exceptional quality services in our work and with our clients. We understand that residents and commercial owners have lesser time to cut out to clean up their sofas and window panels thoroughly. 

So, our main concern is to assist people living in Dubai to upgrade their standard of living through our affordable upholstering services. 

What are the Services We Provide?

At Cleanly, we offer various cleaning services to our clients to live a better healthy lifestyle. So our cleaning services include:

  • Regular and Deep Cleaning Services.
  • Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services.
  • Window Cleaning Services.
  • Chair Cleaning Services.
  • Sanitisation Services.
  • Offices/ Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Move-in & Move-out Cleaning Services.
  • VIP Cleaning Services.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning Services.

You can book any of these services online or through a one-on-one call.

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1. Can I get personalized cleaning services from Cleanly?

Yes! We are one of the cleaning companies in Dubai that offer customised services for our clients per their budget and needs. It’s because we understand that the needs of each client differ, so we make sure that we incorporate customised plans for our clients. 

2. How much does each cleaning service cost?

Each cleaning service cost or pricing can be different depending upon the type and wants of our clients. A cleaning business can charge you extra if you want a specific service. So, it all depends on the services you are booking and how many hours. 

3. Does Cleanly provides cancellation procedures?

Absolutely! Cleanly provides a cancellation procedure of at aleast a minimum of 24 hours. You might get charged if you cancel services in less than 24 hours. So, if you want to unbook any cleaning services, do so in at least 24 hours. 


To sum up, you can also clean using the right cleaning products and equipment; hiring professionals can be a good option. Experienced cleaners have a better idea of delivering the best cleaning services. Want a more effective and efficient cleaning service for your home and offices in Dubai? 

Look no further than us! We will help to revamp your window and sofa at an affordable price.

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